A quick one before QI

8 Jan

I am in a great mood today 😀 I went to hosp this morning and they think it’s just a little infection so I’ve been put on some antibiotics and my arm is already feeling better :D! Went to work this afternoon and got a nice 2 hours extra pay because they closed the quays early due to adverse weather!! Nice! :D! ALSO! Got post! Well..one parcel..not the normal post :/ But still 😀 A parcel! Hah 🙂 Says adverse weather on it – how human.

Hopefully seeing Toby tomorrow..if he can navigate his way through the ice to the bus stop! This snow had better clear up by the 25th or else I can’t have my driving lesson! I’ve heard it’s meant to snow again on sunday and it’s gonna take a long time for all this to melt.. Hah ice on the road through the village is so bad that I had to get out and push dads car up it..Cancergirl was strong enough though.. Mum and Nicki (our neighbour) just chatted whilst I put all the effort in… Baha :).

I want to give Amy her christmas present 😦 I miss her 😦 She’s stuck in Chelt! Bad times!

QI is on. Laters!

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