Terrible night again :(

29 Dec

Literally had like two hours sleep 😦 But woke up, had some anti-sickness and lanzaprazole and then went back to sleep and felt better later on. Have, however, got a terrible cough/cold 😦 My cough muscles actually hurt because they’ve been used so much! Hah, listen to me whining!

I’m in a good mood today 🙂 Feeling pretty content.

Ahahah, am in the living room watching mum playing on Wii Resort whilst dad tells her she’s doing it all wrong. They’re both as bad as each other!

It’s only 6 o’clock and I am exhausted! I reckon by the time my 6th lot of chemo has happened I’ll be dead on my feet! We’ll see.

I would like Nandos for tea ahahaha 🙂 I’ll see what I can fix up.


One Response to “Terrible night again :(”

  1. mags December 30, 2009 at 12:17 pm #

    Hi Rose, hope you have organised your nandos, and that you’re feeling a little less tired. It does seem you’re having a hard time of it at present, with colds etc in addition to chemotherapy. Lets hope you can get it all over with before long!
    We are going tree chopping in a minute, but must first check the postbox, just in case!!!!
    Have also said I’d buy an exercise trampoline of someone in the next village, for 20 euros….could be fun!! Haven’t told hubby yet…thought it might make me fitter!!
    love mags.

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