28 Dec

There’s nothing more dog eat dog than the carpark waiting game. The irritable dads eyeballing the people with bags of shopping to see if they are coming or going and the mess that blue polo is making of parking. The hatred thrown at the couple who look like they’re going somewhere and it turns out they’re not even parked in the bloody carpark! But then, the gloating you can do as you walk away from your space, the absolute glee as you see other narrow eyed families searching for the ones who are leaving. Sales are on and the queues  show it! Saying that though..I had a look at the HMV sale and it was terrible.. Did, however, buy myself some nice new dresses from various places..When does the post start againnnn?

I’ve got a terrible cough 😦 Terrible terrible cough :(. I think I’ll get mum to make me some honey and lemon ;).

Mr & Mrs All Star Family Fortunes Got X Factor thing is incredibly boring.. Quite like that bloody film – Marley & Me..I think my mind broke as I was watching it.


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