Chhhhhristmas is over :(

27 Dec

But it is nearly my birthday ;).

How was everyones christmas!? I had a great one 🙂 Woke up at my house and opened all my fabulous presents – Including a new T.V! And then went to Tobys and had some tasty lunch – It was a huge like 8 course meal but it was taaasty! And then went and visited his dad, who is doing well – He was very spritely hah 🙂 Was nice to see him smiling and such. He’s nearly half way through his time at hospital and all that so just one more week :). Then we all played with our presents and Toby enjoyed his remote controlled helicopter from meee :). He got me these beautiful huge red glasses – like drinking glasses – and I’ve put them out as ornaments but don’t worry we’ll use them. He also got me one of those mini hats on a headband and it looks AWESOME on my bald head 😀 Ahahah. Makes me laugh.

New t-shirts should be up soon – My website manager person is having a few weeks off 🙂 Also should get a delivery of necklaces very soon – I have seen a picture of them and they are looking gooood.

I got MAC eyeliner and I’m so happy 🙂

I’m really tired and stuff from my chemo so I’m not very interesting today 😦 Sorry :(.

I still feel quite vulnerable 😦

Hope you all had great christmasses 🙂


One Response to “Chhhhhristmas is over :(”

  1. mags December 28, 2009 at 9:44 am #

    Hi, lovely to see you’re back posting on here, Rosie, and am glad you had a good christmas..A new television!!!! Great!! Hope you find some good programmes to watch…must admit we keep flicking through the channels and find a lot of repeats etc.
    Have a good day today, love mags.

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