It snowed!

20 Dec

Yahhh! It snowed last night and mum and I got wrapped up in our coats and went out and stood in it for a while, then we tried to get all the way back up to the ward before it melted so that we could bring snow to everyone.. But the lift took too long so we arrived back looking very damp :(. Hahh :). It’s settled a bit but has melted on all the important places like roads and stuff..

No funny stories from the Teenage Ward..We’re all too lazy. Mum has been working the kitchen though and give me updates – So and sos hip isn’t any better and someone else is still throwing up because something about 3 days worth of chemo in 1 day.. I don’t know.. We’re friends with the couple who I mentioned in my previous post and their daughter – shes only in the bed across from me so we share T.V problems and stuff :). We’re not like great friends who people talk about making in hospital but we’re still friends – it’s nice. I also made friends with another girl who was having a blood transfusion; I’ve seen her a couple of times around here but have never spoken to her. She has a bald head and wears it with pride 🙂 Surprising that it’s still bald because she finished her treatment in September! She wasn’t kidding when she said it ‘takes the mick to grow’!

I’ve been waking up with more hair on my pillow than on my head! I’m wearing my hat to keep it all contained ahah. Mum and me have found that selotape works best for getting it off my shoulders and stuff. I allowed to say brand names on here? Wait..what the hell?! Course I am it’s my blog! Ahahahahahhaha. Oh dear, what drugs have they given me?

Sorry for lack of posts – I’m not near a computer on this ward, so I appologise for that and also for not responding to your comments either! Thank you for all your lovely words and encouragement 🙂 I really appreciate it!

Have got two more tshirts in now but haven’t had time to take pictures or anything..well, tried to yesterday but mum and dad decided that Cal wasn’t looking  his best so we’ll try again later.. 😀

I’ve just been told I’ve missed the chaplain – Bummer. People who know me will know what context I am saying that in ;).

I think Toby is gonna visit today 😀 Although I don’t know because the roads are icey..We’ll see :).

I’m off to have breakfast now and then some bonjela.. Will try and be on again later – byeeee!


One Response to “It snowed!”

  1. mags December 20, 2009 at 12:02 pm #

    Hi Rosie, glad to hear you’ve been up and about a bit! There’s still snow here but it is thawing like mad…if it freezes again tonight it’ll be like a skating rink! We drove to the village this morning to feed the cattle and will do it again later before it starts to freeze again!
    I hadn’t realized how boring it can be in the snow…there’s not a lot we can do except try and keep warm. I’m not used to staying indoors but have been and got enough wood for tonight and given the birds fat balls and peanuts and will sew this afternoon in front of the fire.
    I’ve sorted out my electric blanket for tonight…I hadn’t succombed, but John would like the hot water bottle…he filled up an old coke bottle with hot water last night and took it to bed with him. In order to avoid any accidents I thought it’d be better if he had the proper water bottle and I made do with the electric blanket……I guess I could be in bed pretty early tonight!!!!!
    Love mags.

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