I’m boring today.

16 Dec

I’m tired so I haven’t got much to say 😦

T-shirts not arrived yet..Should get one batch today and one batch tomorrow apparently..so that’s cool 🙂 I’ll get them up as soon as possible..before then it would be great if you could all buy the other items? 🙂 Hah. Necklaces should be delivered soon..our supplier is having trouble with her ebay purchases but don’t worry they’ll be available soon!

I got a sore mouth 😦 And my scalp hurts 😦 And I’m tired. OMG moany moany moany aren’t I! Pah.

Had a driving lesson today. I did good apart from I was all over the place with my feet and such because I wasn’t used to driving my instructors car and the biting point was in a different place and everything.. But a good driver should know to change with different pedals..stupid.

Then had christmas lunch with Red Cross.. I was tired so I didn’t say much :/.. I miss Chloe 😦 She’s at uni now so I don’t get to see her so often 😦 Wait, I’m gonna text her and say I miss her..    ..       ..    .. Done.

I had someone introduce themselves to me yesterday. She said she had heard loads about me and that she read my blog and stuff – I like that. I like that she introduced herself..that was nice. We had a nice chat about ginger hair and such 🙂 Don’t you reckon ginger and green goes well? Topped with pale skin and you’ve got a winner.

I’m tired 😦


One Response to “I’m boring today.”

  1. mags December 17, 2009 at 8:10 am #

    Hi Rosie, I think this is a good opportunity to have your hair whatever colour you can find, and to experiment with colour. How about red and blonde streaks, very christmassy?!
    love mags.

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