Shalalalala in the morrrrrrning

15 Dec

That is a vengaboys song that I’ve got stuck in my head right there!

I’m not so grumpy today but still a bit grumpy. About the same thing. But it’s not to be written about on here and it isn’t that important so don’t you be worrying about it. How patronising do I sound there.. Hmm.

I booked my driving test 😀 25th of Jan – I’m not gonna bother keeping it a secret because I wouldn’t be able to stick to it and I don’t mind people knowing hah 🙂 I booked a good time so I’m not really nervous or anything. I think my instructor might get angry because she likes to book tests….. Pah! I’m doing it in my car because I’m so used to driving my car now – it’s easy peasy. Just need to do a few more manouvers – Omg that is a hard word to spell..and I don’t even think I got it right! Wait..I’ll spell check it..Ahhhh I got it wrong.. it’s actually maneuvers! And I did write that at first!

Off to school in a bit to give out christmas presents – How exciting! I’m really worried I’ve missed some people..Ahhh welllll.. I don’t bother with christmas cards either – cutting down trees ennit! And all that.. Ahahahah see how I used an environmental excuse for my laziness…No but really..It is cutting down trees and what is the point in giving out cards that say exactly the same thing to everyone?! I would rather just write a few meaningful ones but I don’t have enough money – cards are blood expensive!

Yeah so, off to school – Laters.

3 Responses to “Shalalalala in the morrrrrrning”

  1. Kath December 15, 2009 at 12:59 pm #

    Spell check’s given you the US spelling…

  2. mags December 15, 2009 at 3:39 pm #

    Hi Rosie, enjoy your afternoon at school…computer playing up so didn’t print my earlier comments asking what nandos were…you had them for tea apparently!
    Very cold here today and everything white this morning with frost. Have seen a bit of snow but nothing has settled. It got down to minus 5 last night here…
    Mince pies need to go in oven in a mo, then it’ll soon be time to get tea..had a day off from wood today as John has been doing other things!
    Good luck with your driving and driving test..I remember mine well even though it was 35 years ago…!
    Get lots of practise in, especially at reversing etc.
    love mags.

  3. D. Morgenstern December 15, 2009 at 8:27 pm #

    Actually it’s “manoeuvers” in English!

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