Late but..

13 Dec

I wanna post because I had a few subjects to write about hah :).

Tax man:

Tax man stole all my money! Apparently on a 4 hours a week contract I’m going to make £13,000 next tax year… Um no? And even if I was, they said that I wasn’t allowed any of it! Literally nothing! And then of the £5,000 I’d make from Tesco I would only get £1,500! WTF?! No. Not happy at all! Mum says I have to ring them on monday but I don’t think I’ll understaaaaand! 😦 But yeah, I need to ring them – Not happy. I don’t even think I’ll earn enough to be eligable for tax!!!! Pah! Also on saying that.. I was told I would have £5.80 from Thorntons but I was paid £4.44 base rate! WTF AGAIN?! Pah!!!!! Will have to sort this money out thank you very much. Not happy.


Ahahahahah okay, funny story. Was at Thorntons yesterday (AND NO ONE VISTED ME BY THE WAY! Shocking.) and someone came up to the counter wanting to have a snowman iced. So James was like ‘wanna do it as your first one?’ so I nervously agreed and went and got the icing and all sorts and I start writing the name and omg it’s the worst you’ve ever seen it..Literally like all over the place and so wobbly and omg just terrible. So I’m like crying because I can’t do this icing and James takes over and this woman is like ‘for gods sake blahblah’ (she wasn’t saying it but I know she was thinking it..) and it’s just horrible. So yeah, later on, when it’s quiet, I get a santa to practice my writing on and I get all the icing and such, get myself ready and write merry christmas in the perfect italic joined up writing that you’ve ever seen. No exaggeration at all I promise, it was beautiful. James picks his jaw up off the floor (I hate what I just said there) and is like :O WOW. Which is what I’m thinking.. How the hell did I manage that..?
It’s all in the icing aparently. Next one I do I’ll take a picture and show it off. Mental.

Carol service:

Went to Calums schools carol service yesterday..Was it yesterday? Yeah. Wait, well technically the day before because it’s past midnight. But anyway, it was literally like the nicest thing I’ve ever seen to watch kids with disabilities get over their fear of talking in public. I nearly bawled my eyes out :’). It’s like so insanely sad but then so insanely beautiful at the same time. I reckon it must be so incredibly awarding to work with disabled people. I don’t think I could do it though :/ I’m too emotional ahah. 😦 :).

Old friends:

Went and saw some old friends today 🙂 Great time! Don’t you just love it when you have those people who, no matter how long it’s been since you last saw them, you just can slip right back into talking and joking away without feeling at all awkward or anything :). Awesome.

Kermit the frog:

I bought a Kermit the Frog outfit today. Everyone needs a good fancy dress costume (I now have 2) and he was the biggest bargain I’ve seen at £4! Do you know how much those things cost?! Bargain.

10 year olds:

The house is full of 10 year olds because Sylvie is having a christmas party. It’s better now because they are in the living room – far away from my room..other side of the house ennit. Hah I’m tired so this post is getting boring 😛 Sylvie and her friends made cookies on the dining room table……..The lovely bare wood dining room table.. :S.

New ideas:

Mum and I have been collecting all sorts of things to try out in the survival kits! I’m not gonna give too much away ;).


I’m not sure why I wrote that down… It may have been a reminder to me to check my temperature? Hah. It’s important – every morning and every evening – make sure I don’t get a neutropenic fever!

I’m so tired..Bed time I think! Family day tomorrow..well technically it’s later.. I’m so stoked!


4 Responses to “Late but..”

  1. Maz December 13, 2009 at 10:08 am #


    Dont worry about the tax – they put you on a coding then work it out and give you a refund. You will get your dosh back 🙂

    Best thing to do is to give them a ring, tell them what you earn each week and then they will prob send you a form to adjust it all. Or write to them and put it all down clearly. Honestly it wont be a problem 🙂


  2. celia butler December 13, 2009 at 10:31 am #

    And if it’s any help you’re allowed to earn £6,475 in this tax year before you pay any tax. Know what you mean about special school carol services – the head of one that I used to go to most years in Cardiff used to hand me tissues as I went in! But the highlight of Christmas for all that. x

  3. mags December 13, 2009 at 1:15 pm #

    Hi Rosie, it looks as if it may snow here…all grey and just 2 degrees!
    Give tax man a bit of earache tomorrow and no doubt it’ll all sort out! If you’re anything like me you hate forms etc.
    Concert sounds brill…well done Callum too.
    Not a lot going on here, just saving myself for x factor tonight….Joe to win!!!
    love mags.

  4. Deb W December 13, 2009 at 8:43 pm #

    Rachel has problems with the tax man too!
    Also, the Thornton’s job money issue … if it is anything like David’s job, he was told he would earn so much and then more after doing a ‘training certificate’ (after 3 months they are supposed to be sending him to college for a food hygene certificate thingy. Perhaps yours will go up to £5.80 once you’ve done an ‘apprenticeship’ period?
    Just a though ….

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