Design Pickle

9 Dec

I’ve got this idea in my head.. but I can’t put it onto the computer 😦 This is terrible that I’m using paint to test stuff out ahah.. Terrible or brilliant?

I need a shower..I’m gakky.


One Response to “Design Pickle”

  1. mags December 9, 2009 at 12:27 pm #

    Hi Rosie, I’m very good sometimes at drawing and painting…in my head! When I put pen to paper there is no chance!
    What’s the matter with Toby? Suspect its a cold or MAN FLU brought on by lousy weather etc…it is still lousy weather here but may improve slightly as from tomorrow.
    Have spent this morning translating and I think we’re fetching a rayburn this afternoon. I may even do some sewing…if we’re not chopping wood. Chopping wood is the order of every day at this time of year if it is not raining.
    I made a christmas tree out of royal icing on baking parchment and have made holly and berries as well for the xmas cake…made me feel femimine again for a little while!!
    It is at this time of year that I envy those with central heating…just to have a luxurious bubble bath where you can slip into the bubbles up to your neck and top it up occasionally with your toe! To have soft, warm and fluffy towels afterwards and for the bathroom to be warm…..
    DREAM ON MAGS!! Reality is something different…and we haven’t got a bath anyway, just a shower…..and as for the rest, lets just say I’ll leave it to your imagination…showers here are borne out of necessity rather than indulgence!!
    love mags.

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