Ebay bids

8 Dec

Got some fabulous dominoes on ebay that we’re bidding on to make domino accessories for you guuuuuys! 😀

Would be great if Paypal would get their act together though..too much fussing on their part.

Ted is throwing herself around her cage! Hmm, I think Simon (the cat) has been bullying her :/.

Yet again, had a terrible nights sleep :/ Woke up at 3:30 and stumbled around for a bit.. Then didn’t really feel like I went back to sleep untill I was woken up at 8:30 :/. Mum wants me to have a mid afternoon nap – aw. We’ll see what happens.

My throat is still really sore 😦 and it’s making it hard to take my tablets..I seem to have lost the knack! Is that how you spell knack? But yeah, now I just seem to swallow saliva and hold the water and the tablet on my tongue..not nice. My throat feels like it’s been sandpapered..But I got my cherry throat spray which makes it better 🙂

So we sold out of bags already yesterday but don’t worry, I put an order in first thing this morning so all those requests should be packed up and everything by the end of the week. Talking about the business, I would like to appologise because we haven’t got an automated dispatch email system working at the moment, so you will get a nice lil hand-written template from me instead, for now 😉 not quite as profesh but it will do!

Mum and I are getting Sylvie a surprise later…I can’t say what – for obvious reasons – but it’s awesome and she’ll love it I recks!

I’ll check back in later with some more interesting thoughts..I may even have another awesome sandwich.

4 Responses to “Ebay bids”

  1. Coz Al December 8, 2009 at 10:29 am #

    Loved the prog Ro, well done, you came across really well and it was such a postive piece!
    We are going to be dominoe-tastic.


    PS any requests for Sunday? Lucy and I are reviewing the menu.. nibbles-wise.

  2. mags December 8, 2009 at 11:17 am #

    Hi Rosie, COWS ARE IN!!!!! yIPPEE!!!!
    A couple of years ago we had two heifers…one we’ve still got with her two year old calf. The other one developed a problem with her back end so we tried over a month to get them in, in order to call the vet.
    We just couldn’t succeed, and even fed them in stable and had mirrors at strategic angles and pieces of string to shut doors etc but every time you thought you may have got them, you DEFINITELY hadn’t.
    It was then we found out that as youngsters they had been part of a western riding establishment and had been lassoo’d and roped every weekend in their previous life!!!!!!!!!!!
    The one with the problem was much worse than the other and would go for you or just run if she saw you. After a month of trying to get them in I asked a local french farmer for his help. He walked silently into the field, no stick, not looking at them and of course, out they jumped. Down the main road, round the village, etc etc. He recommended calling the police, which we did.
    They could see no problem as by now they were once again happily munching in their field, but suggested calling the vet whilst they hung around.
    The vet came, and despite our pleas picked up a stick and marched out!! Cows took one look, then off they ran again. Down main road, round village, picking up spectators out to see the antics.
    Police decided they could be dangerous after all, due to the traffic and sent out for tranquilizer darts. Mayor was called to sign relevant paper work and villagers now sat along wall watching.
    When the darts arrived, police stepped forward to fire at cow…who again jumped out and ran round village, this time with policemen after them trying to find place to dart them.
    With 2 darts in, cow lay down back in field, and this had become a definite spectator sport…all came out to watch Margaret and John and the two strange english cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John went forward when cow looked suitably tranquilised, but cow jumped up and was off again! Got her back into field and this time had four darts in her. The tranquilizers worked and we watched as she went to sleep. The farmer brought up his gun in case she got up again but luckily didn’t have to use it. She was flat out and he brought up his tractor and tied her to it SECURELY!
    We waited until she was able to walk and then drove tractor round to stable and pushed her in! Had taken us 12 hours in total! Going to the village the next day to get bread was so embarrassing as everyone wanted to comment. All I wanted to do was hide! Luckily we had all the relevant paperwork and insurances to pay for days work by four policemen, but we had to pay 250 euros for the drugs used….
    Now you know why I don’t like the responsabilty of cattle……
    Just to get this over with, I can go back many years to my other equally embarrassing story…
    There I was, sunning myself on a beach in Majorca, catching up on a bit of TOPLESS sunbathing, when two boys came along and said ‘Hello Miss’. They were from my school, so come September the WHOLE SCHOOL seemed to have a comment to make!
    I have blushed while writing my misadventures today, so think I’ll slink quietly off and have a nice cup of tea…..I hope not too many are reading this part of your blog today…..apologies if I’ve written about these incidents before…….
    love, a very red and hot-faced mags!!!!

  3. Deb W December 8, 2009 at 11:48 am #

    Watched the programme …. really good!
    Will get the others to watch it later ….

  4. Lucy and Russ December 8, 2009 at 12:11 pm #

    Heah. Having just sat through a 2 hour nativity rehersal (yes just the rehersal!). 3 family members appearing:-
    Meece – a star
    Ben – a boy carrying a present
    Ollie – a chef…. (apparently there was one at the birth of “J”)

    Anyway, only just got chance to watch you – you were great! You are brill in front of the camera.

    Really hoping you can make Sunday xxxx

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