I am frustrated!

7 Dec

Still not on iPlayer!

I may tell you about the insane rookie error I nearly made…but it would NOT put a good spin on my business reputation…. Ahahahah… I nearly sent out 5 parcels without looking at the quantities of the orders..but don’t worry! I re-checked and re-bagged! Ahahahaha 🙂 Won’t happen again I can promise!

Also, can I just say, all the packaging we use is environmentally friendly and/or recylced 🙂 I made sure of it! And all the products sold are carefully researched to check out like child labour and all sorts. So don’t worry about doing your bit for the planet :). Also – no pieces of paper are wasted from invoices in the parcels partly because I don’t have a printer but do you really need them? It’s all electronic ;).

I had such an awesome sandwich earlier – I am being wistfull because I can’t taste properly 😦 I’m worried I’ll forget what food tastes like!


One Response to “I am frustrated!”

  1. Kaate December 7, 2009 at 11:04 pm #

    It;s on you little beauty! X

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