I am on BBC Gloucestershires website

6 Dec


There’s the link 🙂 thanks to Chris.

You can listen on the website if you want to hear me tomorrow morning and it should be available throughout the day :). Then BBC Inside Out West at 7:30pm for a nice 10 min story of meee 🙂 I do have to warn you that it is only a short film but it has taken months and months to collate everything! I hope you enjoy it :).

I think i’ve lost all my taste! Rubbish! As if my mouth is covered in fabric. And I got the ringing in the ears thing.. Tinnitus – it comes and goes haha :).

This Miranda show is THE worst. This woman as no talent. What the hell. I’m waiting till 10 so I can watch Happy-Go-Lucky on plus one – Don’t you worry!

Site goes live tomorrow..possibly this evening..Keep an eye out! Excited but nervoussss.. It’s like a huge step up isn’t it 🙂 Should all work – eeeeee!

Got christmas tree todayyy – house smells and looks nice and christmassy 🙂 I should wrap my presents and put them under the tree already.. Or is that to much too soon? Hah :).

I’m worried I’m getting a cough..but my temp is staying around the 35degree mark.

I don’t know where my head is at today..my post isn’t up to par – sorry guys!


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