4 Dec

Don’t forget, I’m on T.V on monday 🙂


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  1. Chris December 4, 2009 at 6:35 pm #

    Hi Rosie, really sorry to hear you are fighting cancer too, I know exactly what you feel like have extremely rare and unique cancers, I had the same problems in 1993, 1999, 2003 and 2006, but I am still around and like a bad penny keeping the doctors busy. I now have 10 medical teams at the hospital each looking after a different part of the human anatomy.

    Yep, developing cancer and people thinking you are lying comes part of the problem unless you look physically ill and they can see it for themselves. The amount of people I heard talk behind my back saying I was lying was unbelievable until I exposed the part so show what looks like a shark attack on my left chest 🙂

    Rosie, you are so young and so much to live for and you need to keep that positive thought in mind. I was a soldier and at 29 years old had a HALO parachute accident and then 28 operations on both legs and spine to put me back together until they could do no more and then totally replaced both knee joints and removed both knee caps too. Just when you think it cannot get any more diabolical I reached 40 years old and left the forces only to find I had been contaminated with what came back from the first Gulf War. At 41 years old I grew the biggest set of boobs you had seen, shame I am a man, lol. Inside 6 weeks and without taking any drugs I grew 46 inch DD solid pair of breasts which were immediately removed by the consultant himself, and then as I recovered my bones and other operations decayed and I became wheelchair bound 95% of the time. If that was not enough, in 1999 where the doctors had removed the breasts lumps started to grow, I had four lumps removed but one the pathologists could not work out what it was because it was mutating in the chest as well as on the slides and dish they were growing it in, so they removed the whole left boob, I looked lope sided but OK, until they realized I had cancers only ever seen after a atomic bomb had gone off. I had the same cancer in my chest that a Japanese lady had just after the Second World War, so I became the 21st in the world to have this cancer and 2nd in the world to grow inside the body, it normally develops on the eyes, ears or face. Sadly tests showed after the second operation my cancer had grown past the safety margin again so I wrote to a special friend who I study satellites with and asked his opinion, though we study satellites and communications as a hobby together, my friend is a teaching professor of pathology in America, he was the only pathologist to have studied this cancer and the effects of radiation on human issue which is how I have radioactive particles saturated in my bones and body. Between my friend and my oncologist consultant who is also a special friend who I worked with in the forces a long time ago, we three developed a plan to stop my cancers spreading and doubled the safety margin to stop leaving infected cancer cells behind. I then had a radical mastectomy of my left side which removed the cancer completely from my left chest. My bone scans show I have indicators that cancer is growing inside the right rib cage bones, but they will stay there unless that cause problems. I also had to take Tamoxifen for 4 years though my legs and spine were still causing problems, so the doctors first removed both knee caps (patella’s) in separate operations and as soon as I turned 50 years old I had both knee joints totally replaced but without knee caps which makes it almost impossible to stand or walk far without two walking sticks and a wheelchair for further than 10 metres.

    Rosie, you hang in there, fingers crossed things will come right soon and your cancer will be come controlled. Try and plan what you what to do for the future, first plan short time span and then plan bigger and bigger times, so you have future things you would like to do, travel, drive, holidays even go somewhere or meet someone you have never done before…your world plans can be endless. I decided to help write a history book with a few local friends, it covered from Stone Age to Modern times, also covered about children in our new community too. At the same time a local Infant and Primary school wanted to communicate with Astronauts and Cosmonauts in space and where people are working in isolated places, so we arranged for these school children to send messages through my satellite ground station to those men and women in space and to a astrophysics’ professor working in the South Pole and a medical doctor working in Ghana. Each of the children were allowed to ask one or more questions about where these people was working, one even asked about conservation in the South Pole, he later went on to study at Oxford and finish a PhD in mathematics and business studies all because we opened this young mans mind. Three children now adults all passed their radio licenses too. So Rosie, having cancer and then beating it can bring new meaning to your and other people’s lives. Even whilst I was having my first and second cancer operations I was helping British universities and NASA increase the download speeds from low earth orbiting satellites and manned space stations. Rosie, you too can make these things happen just as you are doing with your T-shirt idea.

    I am due to go for a CAT brain scan soon as I have memory and concentration loss after a server anaphylaxis shock to contaminated blood products I had transfused into me back in March 2006 which turned me into a very sickly looking Green Hulk so bad my wife and a very close friend and neighbour did not recognise me for several days.

    Rosie, good luck in your cancer treatment and keep a positive mind, always try and eat healthy foods and drink plenty of good fluids, that way you give your body the best chance to stay strong whilst doctors do their job in making your body well. I found if I listened to my body and followed a good diet and fluids I had enough energy to beat cancer and give more to those who needed help more than me. Our history book sold like hot cakes and rose over ÂŁ4000 which was given to the local Welsh Infant and Primary school because these children are our future generation just as you are my next generation too. Your girl friends mother posted your message in our university conference where we help other university students fight cancer too, so here is our best wishes and vibes wishing you a full recovery and a new and better life too.

    Chris, xxx

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