Great news, bad news and very very funny news!

23 Nov

I’ll start with the bad news just to get it out the way – My chemo starts next week 😦 On Tuesday so I can’t even have my driving lesson! (Turns out it’s not tomorrow..which I have been planning my tomorrow around..hah).

Okay, now for the great news… I GOT THE FREAKING JOB!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGG! Who loves that? I LOVE THAT! Eeeeee :). I go in tomorrow to find out what my shifts are and all that 😀 Ahhhh 🙂 So so so happy about it! I’m gonna be a trained chocolatier! Ahahahah 🙂 Did I say about the training there? Thorntons has such an intense training program that they are looking to make it an NVQ level 2…so I would have a GCSE in chocolate! AHahahahah! :D:D:D:D Hah, I gotta go in tomorrow and say that on my first full week I’m not gonna be able to work hahah. Oh dear. It’s got rid of my bad mood :D.


And now..The very very funny news. Ahah I’m laughing just thinking about. So this evening me, Toby, Georgia, Keri, Silas and Jo went for chinese at Angel Chef and we had all we could eat..Especially Keri..He literally had like 3 bowls of vanilla ice cream properly full and ate all of it.. Then we went and paid and there was these 2 bowls of mint imperials on the counter, so whilst we were paying Toby and Keri were just take handfulls of these mints and stuffing them in their mouths..(doesn’t sound funny right now..sounds a bit like soft shop lifting..) But yeah, so they completely emptied these 2 bowls and their mouths were just so so full of mints – they looked like hamsters, yano when they stuff their faces?
So, we said goodbye to Silas and Jo and then got in Georgias car to go to Sainsburys – which is literally 2 mins drive away – because we wanted to get Mike a cake to surprise him..BECAUSE HE TURNED 18 TODAY!!.. so yeah, we turn out of the retail park bit and Keri just spits mints all over Toby! Keri is just like laughing and dribbling everywhere and Toby is going Ah! You just spit stuff all over me! Right..and then, we here this gagging noise and Keri has literally just thrown up all over himself! So Keri is laughing, Toby is laughing, I’m laughing and Georgia is screaming at Keri saying ‘DID YOU JUST THROW UP ALL OVER MY CAR??? DID YOU JUST THROW UP ALL OVER MY CAR???’ Over and over again and Keri’s mouth is still full of mints so he can’t say anything so Georgia is getting more and more frantic and me and Toby are just roaring with laughter. We drive into the Sainsburys car park and stop in the first space and all leap out of the car – Toby is crying with laughter, Georgia is like half laughing half worrying about her car and I’m laughing whilst momentarily gagging (yum) and Keri shimmies out of the car and his trousers are just COVERED in this white stuff. I mean completely covered and it’s so thick..he had literally just thrown up all his ice cream and it was all over his face and everything. Was literally one of the funniest moments of my life. Ahh I bet it doesn’t sound half as funny as it actually was. We literally laughed non stop for like an hour afterwards – because then we went to Mikes and recounted the whole story.. After Keri turned up at his house with no trousers on, holding a cake with a single candle. Ahahahahaha!


Great day :).


In reply to Mags – I am SO SO SO happy the twins have gone!

In reply to Deb – My DVD player on my TV is broken so I couldn’t watch any DVDs 😦 But I’m so so happy today 😀


Ahahahah 🙂 Can’t stop laughing.


Early morning tomorrow – Niiiight!


3 Responses to “Great news, bad news and very very funny news!”

  1. Coz Alex November 24, 2009 at 1:00 pm #

    Congratulations on the job!!!

  2. Steph November 24, 2009 at 7:19 pm #

    Yeah big congrats on the job. Loved the story – actually laughed out loud.

  3. mags November 25, 2009 at 11:18 am #

    Hi Rosie, like the story and pleased you are becoming a chocolatier…does that mean we all get free chocolates??!!
    A very windy day yesterday and rained all day resulting in electricv problem which John was able to fix…a bit better todaty, although showers in between times.
    Might cut wood this afternoon…not keen but ts a job which has to be done! We have enough chopped for next 1-2 years but it needs to dry out before burning so we like to stock up in advance.
    Lunch time now and I hear John’s just come back from doing tractor so will go and get usual sandwich…perhaps look in later.
    love mags.

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