15 Nov

Yet so nice and chilled has this weekend been!

Southampton yesterday – visting the family and then got back and we decided to go cinema on a whim. Saw ‘The Fourth Kind’ which was laughable – Just a film about aliens made by nutty americans! The ‘real’ footage was a bit freaky though..gotta say. First time I’ve seen a ‘horror’ film at cinema! They tricked me into it really..but it wasn’t too bad 🙂 Then went back to Georgias house – Martins dad had to come all the way out from Newent to the cinema to take him back to Georgias house and then go back home, because Martins not allowed in anyone elses car (due to previous events..)! Then had a lush chilled day today at Gee’s with Toby, Mike and Keri..and a lil bit of Tomo at the end :).
We’ve decided that because we’re staying on another year at school next year we’re gonna rent a house and actually live! So excited! It’s not even that expensive – Including bills 🙂 Awesomeeeee 😀


I got a headache :(.

Need to get pictures for website tomorrow so off to school I go!


One Response to “Busybusy”

  1. kath November 16, 2009 at 6:19 pm #

    Do you want today’s northern edition Metro? – nice big picture of you. Not sure if you’re collecting all sightings?

    Glad to hear things are looking brighter.

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