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26 Aug

Hello hello

This August has been fabulous. I’m usually in a haze of remembering August 2011, despite going on holiday. This year though, we’ve had two goes at being away ( have just been in beautiful Edinburgh for a few days), but both times we’ve been really active. And that’s not left much time for thinking. Which has been good.

It’s also given some time to catch up with old friends and see what’s going on. Now, remember how Rosie set up The Knock on Effect because of the way cancer affected not just the person with cancer, but loads of people too? And how TKOE became a huge net of support?

Well one person who helped Rosie hugely in setting up TKOE was her art teacher, Kirsty Smith. We’ve stayed in touch with Kirsty, and we’d like to give some support to Kirsty who is trying to get some funding for a PhD.

She needs some votes very quickly to get this, and it would be excellent if TKOE followers could add their votes to help her on her way. It won’t cost you anything but a small amount of time and it would be such a good way to support a TKOE and Rosie supporter.

.Just follow this link

And it should be obvious what you have to do. And then you can have a good bank holiday weekend πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.


Back from holiday

3 Aug

Um, ok, been a bit quiet on here for a couple of months. A couple of months….I’m not quite sure how that happened. Partly it was to do with tech problems – wifi, computer running slow, phone playing up. All the various devices which can be used one by one went through hissy fits.

And then it was being busy.

And then it was our holiday.

But we’re back now. And fighting fit. And so we should be – Cal, Chris and I have just canoed 70 km along the Dordogne river, interspersed with lots of walking and food and drink. So despite being probably the most active holiday we’ve ever had as well as being great fun, we’ve also probably consumed the most calories ever. Meanwhile, Sylv sunned herself in Dubai. Because it was hot.

I’m just gathering thoughts for how to raise another Β£1500 for TKOE to mark 5 years in Sept and also because that way TKOE and Team Kilburn will have raised Β£50k. So in these hazy restful days of summer, have you got anything to suggest??

Because cancer carries on and people carry on needing help and support.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

It’s good to be back.

Jo xx


5 Jun

Well hello! Anyone would think I’d run Β the London Marathon and needed time off from blogging. Well, I didn’t. I just had a very very busy few weeks. I thought I’d better drop on here to let you know everything is ok though.

We’ll be making some TKOE payments very shortly, which will be exciting. I need to work out how much we need to raise to get to Β£50,000. With Alice’s running efforts, we’re very very close indeed.

The other reason for doing a post, is to share Calum’s first ever independent selfie. He’s called it, simply, ‘face painting’. Awwww.


I’ll be back soon.

Jo xx

@LondonMarathon 4hrs 19 mins 22sec

24 Apr

And they look like this at the end of it


Amazing. Truly amazing.

Jo xx


24 Apr

Today is the day! Alice has smashed her fundraising target and soon will be running that marathon for Rosie, TKOE and Hope Support Services.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jo xx

7 years old

6 Apr

The TKOE blog is 7 years old. Thank you WordPress for letting us know. I came on here to let you know.

I was going to copy and paste the first ever entry by Rosie. But when I went to look at it, I’d forgotten that she’d done a soft launch of it. So it was just a few words as she was setting up. And then I read on and discovered that this week was when she discovered her cancer had spread, so no liver transplant.

And then I found this picture. And I thought, that’s the one. She was miserable about her hair falling out and having it cut short. But she looked fab. So that’ll do me.

7 years. That’s a lot of blogging and commenting between us all. Thank you for following. It means a lot.


Jo xx


31 Mar

Just noticed the blog is nearly at 530,000 hits. That’s more than half a million. Jeez! So by the time you’ve all read this, it should go well over. Yay!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Thats not the only reason I’ve popped on here though. These two lovelies dropped by today to say hello and pick up some TKOE wear ready for the last few weeks of their marathon training. It was lovely to meet Alice and Meg. So proud of what they are doing.

Alice is at 91% of her fundraising target so if you are thinking of donating to her for Rosie, TKOE and Hope Support Services do it now so she can get to 100%.

And TKOE gets closer to the Β£50,000 raised πŸ˜‰.

Link is in the last post.

Jo xx

Alice’s marathon

23 Mar

Blimey! It’s not long now until Alice runs the London Marathon in honour of Rosie. So if you’re wondering what to buy instead of Easter eggs this year, run over to this place and make a donation to Alice and Rosie and our good friends Hope Support Services:

And whilst you’re at it, here’s some food for thought:


Jo xx


13 Mar

That’s Calum with an ‘l’, not Calum with two ‘ll’s. Thought it was time for a little update.. . . He’s doing BRILLIANTLY. He loves it at Grange Village. He still rings home most evenings, and he is always so happy.

He’s doing work experience at a cafe in Coleford. It sounds pretty busy there, and he’s front of house. Front of house. As in, taking people’s orders. I hope he’s polite when he does it. Sometimes he can be quite brusque. But he’s impressed them with his very neat writing and his ability to make his way round a menu.

When he’s not doing that, he’s on a giddy round of pottery, helping in the cafe in the village, wood work, cleaning his flat bathroom (he never refers to any other room….), various clubs and choirs and dancing, cinema and travel training on the bus.

The only downside for him at the moment is that he may have had another seizure. No one saw it but he had a bump on his head one morning. So we’re waiting to hear what the nice neurologist has to say about that.

And just to show how cool he is, he was in a minor accident on Friday involving the car he was in and a bus.. . (don’t worry, it must have been pretty slow moving). We would never have known, had we not had a phone call to let us know he was ok. He was just intent on telling us where all the best Easter eggs are at the moment. And then when we quizzed him about it, he very impatiently said he was fine and that the trip to A and E (or Andy as he texted it) was just for a precaution. And then he changed the subject.

Love him. Found this picture of him aged about 16, with a not very good picture of Rosie and Toby. With his trampolining cup.


Have a good week.

Jo xx


Funerals and birthdays and Mother’s Day

6 Mar


I wonder why we don’t take photos at funerals very often. I ask this because Cal began to at my Auntie Pam’s funeral. That was just before he ate six cakes.

She had a good send off, lots of people, lots of memories, lots of laughing. There was an incredibly generous collection for TKOE at the end – thank you everyone.

Here she is at the start and nearer the end of her long long life with her lovely sisters:

She’s the dark haired little girl (my mum is the other side of baby Auntie Phyl). And then she’s the one second from right with her arms round Auntie Phyl and my Auntie Jack, who died five years ago. And my mum is on the edge again. Why’s she on the edge?

Cal was 22 on Thursday. 22. How? He had a good go at recreating his birthday party epic meal from last year, complete with cocktail sausages and the sophistication of hummous.

And then today my lovely children treated me to a full cooked breakfast at Gloucester Services, chocolates, flowers and a potato. Look:


It could only be improved if it was roasted 😎. And if you’ve never been to Gloucester Services, you should. It is like no services you’ve been to before. Unless you’ve been to Tebay.

Busy week.

Jo xx



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