10 Apr

Pah! One day back at work and I go down with a hideous migraine/sinus thing. Have just got up at 4.30pm and feel a bit better.

Did you do any eggs for 1MinuteMemory.? We did. If 100,000 people did a one minute sketch and donated a pound, that would raise £100,000. 20 of us did it so we’ve made a bit of a contribution.

i have just been wondering about how you can tell how your life changes by looking at the open tabs on your computer. Mine currently has:

Estate agent in Ledbury to start looking at a flat for Cal as he wants to live their with friends.

How to tell if your dog has a bowel obstruction – she doesn’t. In fact, she is in rude health.

Circle of friends – for Cal again as he’ll need friends to live with and help him, along with us. Us helping him, that is, not us needing help. Although that would be nice.

Agoda – for a hotel booking for the summer. More on that later

Facebook – just because

Polonium ion – no, GCHQ this is not a terrorist outrage. This was to settle a GCSE chemistry dispute with Sylv in my weakened state. She was right. I wasn’t.

I think the only one which would have been there twelve months ago is Facebook.


Jo xx

Happy Easter – let’s help @1MinuteMemory

4 Apr

Well, that’s been a week of epic spring cleaning. Cal shamed us in to it by getting up early on his first morning home and hoovering hard and long. When we asked why he told us the landing was filthy. He is trained I suppose….

Now, in amidst your chocolates and Easter Egg hunts, could you do a favour for TKOE?? There’s an excellent person, Dave Kirkwood, who is raising money for Alzheimers. His dad died of it last year.

Dave is raising it through donations for 1 minute portraits – and there’s an Easter challenge. Draw a picture of someone – or a selfie- on an egg, send the picture and donate. Here’s one he’s done

image  That’s the JustGiving link which tells you more and where you can donate.

Dave’s raised awareness of TKOE and Cancer charities – it would be brilliant if we could support him too.

Im off to hardboil 20 eggs now – we’ve got a family gathering tomorrow and we’re going to get everyone to do one!

Yay!! And Happy Easter.

Jo xx

Another TKOE teevee star

21 Mar

We went to Cal’s review yesterday. It was very very good :). He’s:

😄 got an NVQ now

😃 got a work experience placement in the co op in Minehead for all of next term

😀 passed his interview to get the work experience although it does sound as though he introduced them to a new form of walking interview which seemed to involve an extraordinary amount of discussion about Easter eggs

😊 told us that he wants to live in a flat in Ledbury with friends, work in Sainsburys and have help with money and shopping so he can do things like go to the cinema

😱 introduced us to his camera crew.

Yes, Cal is following what seems to be a TKOE tradition, of participating in teevee documentaries. The programme will be on later in the year and is about several students in Foxes. So we’ll let you know when it’s on.



Jo xx

3 1/2 years

12 Mar

It’s been a gloomy day today. Both weather and mood. Today is the three and a half year anniversary of Rosie’s death. Earlier in the week someone asked about Cal and checked out that he had a sister. He has two.

I was a bit fierce with the person who asked and then they felt bad. Hey ho. Short blog today.

Jo xx

Let’s partaayyyy.

7 Mar

Today is Cal’s big party day. He was 21 on Tuesday – we are not entirely sure what he had for his birthday as he read out his cards to us over the phone but was vague about presents. So, thank you to everyone who got him one. Whatever it was.

this evening he’s boogying on down at the Minehead Social Club with all his friends – and a TV crew. Yes, he’s part of a documentary being filmed at Foxes. He’s kept this pretty quiet and is clearly unfazed by it.

We aren’t there – he’d rather spend time with his friends, as any self respecting 21 year old would, so if it ends up in the final cut, we’ll all get to see it.

He also seems to be Capt Hook in the next production. He’s been practising his evil laugh. It’s pretty scary.

We’ve been deep in geography revision these past couple of weeks. I think we should get a virtual GCSE certificate, Chris and I. I didn’t do geography, so I have genuinely learned new things about Mexico, Malawi and Cornwall. I’ve asked so many questions, I even muddled myself at work and tried to tell a group of people about an interesting local fact, until I remembered it actually related to Brazil. And this was just a mock…..

A HUGE thank you is due too, to Michelle and Steve for their £14 in coppers. TKOE is very lucky to have you as supporters.

We’ve got a surprise coming up very soon – can’t wait to tell you :). I’m sure you’ll like it :) :D

Jo xx

International Childhood Cancer Day @WesternDaily@CLIC_Sargent

15 Feb

Hey! 15th Feb is International Childhood Cancer Day. Who knew?

Out of nowhere in my Twitter feed I find out that one of our local papers, the Western Daily Press, is raising money for CLIC Sargent. All you have to do is buy a copy tomorrow.

Now, CLIC Sargent is a cause close to TKOEs heart, because if it wasn’t for them TKOE would never have started. You see, when Rosie was at her grumpiest, two days after her first liver resection, the CLIC Sargent person at the hospital refused to be put off by a monosyllabic teenager who wanted nothing to do with her.

She got Rosie a grant which bought the first TKOE laptop.

She also got Rosie and Toby the trip to the Harry Potter film set where they met Daniel Radcliffe.

And both those actions helped make life worth living for Rosie and us, despite cancer.

So, if you see a copy, buy one tomorrow. We will.

Jo xx

#WorldCancerDay 2

5 Feb

Cancer – the worst of times, the best of times. Predator, insinuator, genetic coding gone wrong. Thank you Mr Tony Walsh, @Longfellapoet for bringing smiles to our faces yesterday, and for triggering another fundraising opportunity by a very patient group of people.

More anon, but meanwhile, with thanks to Tony, Chief Designer Mike, everyone who contributed ideas, and Rosie for being the inspiration, here’s the link to A Poem for Rosie.



And yes, TKOE elves, I know this isn’t the most elegant way to do this and the link might not work, but I still have computer problems and this is the best I can do. See!

Jo xx

Oh! It’s #WorldCancerDay

4 Feb

Did you know that? That it was World Cancer Day? 7 years ago, Sunday, Rosie was diagnosed with cancer. So today we were running around getting ready for her first big operation, whilst in deep shock. We didn’t know then it was World Cancer Day, either.

There were some

Sorry, I got distracted then by the footage of the plane crash in Thailand. Terrifying.

Where was I? Oh yes. There were some brilliant people on the radio this morning talking about how, once you realise that you might have more than a few weeks to live, (as long as you do, of course), a cancer diagnosis is hideous and a life changer. But that that life changing part isn’t always negative. So true.

Still wish science would hurry up and find some cures though.


Jo xx

So busy

2 Feb

Just dropped in here quickly to say there’s a ton of stuff to tell you and I will do but I’m really busy at work and I have to go on our other computer to do it as my technical skills don’t work on my little iPad to do it, and our computer isn’t working properly so I need more time than I’ve got for the next few days to do it so you’ll have to wait until the weekend probably for me to do it properly, but meanwhile thank you Mr eBay for a further £8 to our 3k target.

That is all.

More anon.

Jo xx

Fundraising and parties

25 Jan

We love all the ways you all raise money for TKOE :).

Our £3k fundraising challenge for 2015 is gaining pace, and the latest is by Kath, Rosie’s aunt. When we saw her at Christmas she was needling away with a thing. We weren’t entirely sure what sort of thing, and she was very coy about it. Anyway, she was designing something for these cold days. And she’s now raising money by releasing her pattern on Ravelry and asking for donations. For TKOE.

All you knitters out there- the web address is

And it looks like this:


Its its only just been posted and TKOE has £10 so far :) :). Yay!!

Meanwhile, in Minehead, Cals party preparations are going well. He now has 70 people going. Last night he told us he was going along to Foxes Hotel. When we asked him why, his enigmatic response was ‘wait and see’. Turns out, they’d had a party for the students. What a life!

Jo xx


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